It started with one fedora, a vision and the desire to show my support for the home team.

I slowly added beads, pins, buttons, logos, headbands, and an autograph.

As my creation expanded, so did other fans’ interests in having their own, but no one could locate the same color.

After months of research and product development, Fan Fedoras was created, specializing in unique fedoras designed to help every fan support their local teams.

The first color offered was fluorescent green, with the hopes of carrying multiple teams’ colors as the company grows.

Currently I carry fluorescent green with a navy blue band, navy blue with a grey band and black with a red band.

New ideas and products are popping up every week and slowly each one of them will make it to the website.

I specialize in designing and adhering heat press vinyl to the fedoras. If you don’t see something you like, contact me with your ideas.

I enjoy seeing the fans’ new creations and welcome your photos to upload to the gallery.

There are no limits to the masterpieces that can be created.

Open your mind and add all the flare you want. There will never be such a thing as, “Too much flare.”

How do you flare your fedora?

Fan Fedoras 2014 - Trademark - Not affiliated with the NFL or Seattle Seahawks.